We are disgruntled audiophiles.

You might find this hard to believe, we’ve bought hundreds of interconnects, power cords, conditioners, tweaks, pre amplifiers, and amplifiers. Not to mention speakers.

Pure frustration drove us to the basement, where we envisioned a crossover. I hope people like it.

Our original goal was simple?; duplicate the Quad 57 ESLs midrange, add SPL, dynamics, bass and treble.

We are a small manufacturer. You are unlikely to read any reviews of our speakers, but you are invited to come and listen. There is no high pressure sales here. This is not our primary source of income, this is our passion.

Euphoria Speaker Design

William (Bill) Laleff, blaleff@rogers.com

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Phone: 416-629-6100

If you would like to audition our speakers, please call to make an appointment.

Please bring your favorite vinyl albums, SACD’s or high rez downloads. I apologize, we do not play 1st generation CD’s. A great many people believe CD’s are good. Our speakers are too clear and detailed. They show the flaws of “too little information” contained on a CD.

DSD, absolutely. Tell us which songs you’d like to listen to, and we’ll download them.