There is a forum at entitled “Must see rooms at TAVES”

Starting on page 3 we have reports by attendee’s using words like “Amazing”, “Room sounded excellent”, and “Euphoria”.

Neilzebub; The Euphoria Speaker Design room was amazing.
They had a turntable in a massive plinth playing
Janos Starker performing Bachs Suites for Cello — absolutely
exquisite sound!

It’snotluck; Yes today the Euphoria Design room sounded excellent

AudioBug; Another awesome room was with that ginormous LENCO table…When they played Blue Cafe (Patricia Barber)…I swear she was in the room snapping her fingers and singing! Very very awesome and organic sounding!

Keshiri; Hey Bill we had a great time listening to great tunes and talking with you at your room. Interesting that you customize your crossovers for the type of amp used. You certainly are passionate about this hobby and your craft really shows… Your speakers definitely lived up to their name… Euphoria is just the way I like it! I wish you great success.

Rick Becker wrote;  Walking into the Euphoria Speaker Design room was a trip and a half. Speaking with William (Bill) Laleff, it was difficult to distinguish whether he works with passion or from obsession. His speaker, The Bullet II ($47,600, show special $35,700) looks like a cross between a Von Schweikert VR-4 and a Marten, utilizing an Accuton diamond tweeter and 5.5″ ceramic midrange in the upper module, and a large 15″ side-firing woofer in the lower bass module. But it goes far beyond that. There is an infinite slope crossover @ 3000 Hz between the tweeter and midrange utilizing Duelund CAST PIO and Mundorf parts. He uses the slightly smaller 5.5″ midrange which has a longer excursion and vented pole pieces that allow it to play a little louder than normal (which tells you a bit about his listening preference). There is no capacitor before the midrange, but for the high pass he uses a notch filter. The woofer is DSP controlled and powered with a 1500 Watt amplifier using a very tight Q (below .5) in order to keep up with the speed of the midrange and tweeter. A 10 pound piece of marble and some Sorbothane between the modules keeps the bass from impinging upon the clarity of the mid/tweeter module. The room rocked with ZZ Top’s “Cheap Sunglasses” spinning on a Jean Nantais Reference Lenco rebuilt turntable with a gorgeous spalted, book-matched veneer chassis and a Kuzma tonearm. It uses a Lenco 75 with an idler drive from the 1960s, all tweaked out. (Search “Jean Nantais Reference Lenco” for an interesting history on this table.) An EMM Labs CD player was used for digital. The preamp was an Atmosphere MP1 mk 3.2 and the monoblocks were Atmosphere MA-1 putting out 140 watts each from their OTL (output-transformer-less) design. The efficiency of the speaker is 87dB/W/m, down a couple of dB (from the norm)due to the high pass notch filter which was introduced to lower the bottom octave. Did I say these speakers rocked? And sounded mighty good with all that tube power. I stopped back at this room more than once over the weekend.