How do you build your best speaker?

For us, start with the crossover. Simplify everything you know. Study how a balanced amplifier works (dual differential amplifier is a more correct term). What is coming out of the binding posts?. Ensure the signal is not altered by your speaker. Design the planets first quasi second order series LCLCLC 4-way frequency dependent current splitter circuit, add components to balance the electrical signal.(That was a mouthful). You end up with the Fully Balanced Dual Cascade Paralleled SERIES 4-way crossover. It’s perfect.

Next, look for the greatest drivers available:

Start with the Acoustic Elegance AE TD15H+ with Apollo upgrade 15″ woofer. There is no 15″ woofer manufactured today that’s better. Some are close, but none better.

There are dozensĀ of great 6.5″ mid-woofers. We decided on the little brother to the 15″er, the Acoustic Elegance AE TD6m with Apollo upgrade.

The Apollo upgrade allow these workhorses to play music for hours without overheating the voice coils. The magnet structures are massive.

The Accuton 2″ C50 and C51 are some of the greatest midranges available. Yes the Diamond BD51 is better, for those of you with deep pockets.

The only tweeter considered was the Accuton diamond.


The enclosures. Start with 24mm (1″) Russian Baltic Birch. They weigh 100Lbs per sheet. 5 sheets needed, minus cutoffs, ends up being 300Lbs of wood. Not looking forward to shipping. Final completed system weight, 700Lbs.




We refer to this speaker as our ‘test mule prototype’. It will NOT be available stained. It will only be available is Automotive paint.



There will be a piece of Sorbothane between the upper cabinet and the woofer section. This will isolate and prevent vibrations from one from impacting the other.