Start with the fabulous Scanspeak D2608/9130 tweeter. There are more expensive tweeters, and there are a lot of less expensive tweeters. This tweeter has stood the test of time. It has that perfect combination of low distortion, and flat response. Crossing over to the midrange around 3500Hz means it’ll never break a sweat.

We use the Morel 2″ midrange. There are a few other 2 incher’s that’ll work, but this one has an overall performance ratio that’s hard to beat.

Enter the Acoustic Elegance TD6M mid woofer, and the Acoustic Elegance TD12H woofer. WOW! This exact combination is in our more expensive Kunlun speaker. Tight focused base. Our crossover ensures no pre-ringing, or overhang. We’ve never heard the drum kit reproduced more accurately.

Mundorf has done it again. They have their ‘Supreme’ winding technology. They now have the EVO winding technology. We use both in our Qaidam. Mundorf MKP for the midwoofer.

Jantzen Wax Paper in Oil Copper Foil inductors for the mid range and mid woofer. Mundorf VN200 Vacuum Impregnated Zero Ohm inductor for the Woofer.

All of our efforts are put into the drivers, crossovers, and crossover parts, not the boxes themselves.

Russian Baltic Birch plywood. We use 24mm (1″) thick. This thickness means the speaker ends up very heavy, over 130Lbs.  Russian BB is considered by many to be the best all around material for speaker building. It has a natural self resonance which does not intrude upon the audio signal. We also use it for internal bracing. It’s our preferred material.

Below is a picture of the CNC layout. Time to start building.

All pieces are first glued into place, brad nailed, then Lepages PL cement is worked into the seams of the wood. This is a great way of guaranteeing 0 air lose.







And now a dusty picture of a stained finish.



Happy listening.


Qaidam           MSRP: $18,900.00 CDN   (approximately $15,200.00 US)

Qaidam Elite MSRP: $24,300.00 CDN   (approximately $19,440.00 US)