Trying to build as perfect a speaker as possible

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Symmetrical 4-way series crossover

The listening room of a madman

Listening room of a chaotic mind. However, listening is believing.

About Me, and why you should run?

My Background


There's a lot seriously wrong with me. I suffer from OCD. I am dyslexic. I am an Audiophile. I want the live concert event in my basement, and in my head. Loud, clear, holographic.

My Goal


Design and build a speaker which will trick my brain. Am I the guitar? Can I see the drumstick hit the skin. Did it hit my chest? Is the singers mouth enveloping my brain.

My Problem?


I am a conspiracy theorist. I believe we've been led down a path. 'Don't give them what they want. Tell them what they want'.  Deceive them, and let them spend spend  spend.

My Blog